Student services update: Douglas College signs up for ApplyBC full service, and TranscriptsBC shares 12,000th electronic transcript.

Two BCcampus projects continue to excel, with engagement and collaboration between local institutions increasing transactions and usage of TranscriptsBC, and the ApplyBC team adding Douglas College to the growing list of full service institutions.


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The ApplyBC team welcomes Douglas College to the full service platform of the online application, having recently completed the move from the institutionally-hosted Banner web application to the ApplyBC full service offering. The change enables the institution to take full advantage of the new features and layout implemented last fall, creating a branded presence in ApplyBC with integrated graphics, personalized URL, and an overall smoother experience for their applicants.

Future developments in the ApplyBC pipeline include working with Vancouver Community College and Thompson Rivers University as they take the initial steps towards migrating to the full service platform. As well, the ApplyBC team has scheduled a fall update to bring further improvements to the web application based on feedback from current users and functional requests from participating institutions.

To find out more about ApplyBC or to learn how your institution can participate in the full service platform, please contact Ian Mackinnon.


A collegial and collaborative approach has been the secret to success for TranscriptsBC as we recently processed our 12,000th transcript. The service continues to grow due to effective communications and the proactive interaction between Douglas College, University of the Fraser Valley, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langara College, Simon Fraser University, and University of British Columbia. These participating partners have been actively working together to ensure the expedient exchange of transcripts, bringing additional efficiency to the application process and an overall improved experience for students applying for post-secondary education throughout B.C.

TranscriptsBC Standards Reference Group


The TranscriptsBC Standards Reference Group (TSRG) is a sub-group of the ApplyBC Steering Committee, and they have been facilitating discussions regarding the standards for transcripts as outlined by the P20W Education Standards Council (PESC).  The group has met four times since last September, including a hands-on working session, to develop recommendations for the current and future application of the standards for transcript exchange.  The TSRG is comprised of representatives from the participating partner institutions.

To discuss available opportunities with TranscriptsBC, or to learn more about TSRG, please contact Cathy van Soest.

Seeking Your Suggestions

We’re continually working on the roadmap to inform the future direction of BCcampus services, including transcript exchange and ApplyBC. If you have ideas as to how these services can support students in B.C., please contact Cathy or Ian, or share your thoughts on the ApplyBC Wiki or the TranscriptsBC Wiki .

Notable Quotes:

“The TSRG’s purpose is to help participating B.C. post-secondary institutions achieve a universal and uniform application of the current standards regarding transcript exchange.” Rella Ng, Associate Registrar, Information, Records & Registration Student Enrolment, Simon Fraser University

“We found the transition to the full service platform to be quite smooth overall. The ApplyBC team understood our requirements and the needs of our previous application, and transferred everything without issue. From what we’ve seen through the testing process, we can expect that our applicants will enjoy a more seamless and straightforward experience, with the added bonus of consistent branding. It’s been a great experience for Douglas College.” Kyle Vuorinen, Douglas College’s associate registrar

“Through TranscriptsBC, we’ve been working with our participating institutions to create a direction that ultimately provides a streamlined experience for students across the province, and the active engagement between our trading partners has been positive and productive.” Cathy Van Soest, Client Services Manager, BCcampus

“We are pleased to have Douglas College join the ApplyBC full service and look forward to working with them and other institutions as we continue to develop and improve the ApplyBC service.” Ian MacKinnon, Client Services Manager, BCcampus

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