The BCcampus Help Desk Secret Service

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From answering IT related questions from students, administrators, and educators, to website maintenance and more – The BCcampus Help Desk team keeps all of our services running smoothly, all-the-while doing it with a cool, calm demeanour and a smile on their faces. This is the sixth installment in the staff highlight series, following in the footsteps of Mary Burgess, Executive Director, Denise Goudy, Director, BCcampus, the Professional Learning team, the Open… Read more »

BCcampus helps students reach their full potential with WriteAway

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Spring 2014, British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN) reported over 500 students in B.C. were supported during WriteAway’s first year and now we are happy to report that more than 3500 students have used this service. WriteAway is an online collaborative tutoring service which complements in-person assistance through post-secondary institutions and institutes’ writing and learning centres.  It serves those students who are not able to… Read more »

Self-certification solution coming to current and future TranscriptsBC member institutions

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A new testing protocol will be available to TranscriptsBC current and future member institutions to enable their in-house teams to test updated and new PESC XML transcripts, independent of testing partners; ensuring participating institutions can ‘self-certify’ transcripts before sending to destination institutions. Delivering useful information efficiently and effectively is an important part of Student Data Services at BCcampus; we’re focused on providing the institutions in… Read more »

Opening a Discussion on Adaptive Learning

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BCcampus’ Michelle Glubke has created an interesting article to generate discussion to determine if adaptive learning technologies can help overcome existing challenges or improve the educational environment for local institutions. In supporting the British Columbia post-secondary system, BCcampus explores innovative pedagogical solutions when a challenge is presented to us through a process referred to as ‘challenge-driven innovation’. One such innovation involves personalized learning. Since 2012, BCcampus… Read more »

ApplyBC continues to evolve and grow!

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ApplyBC’s ongoing modernization initiatives and full-service options provide an efficient, time saving and cost-effective system for both applicants and participating post-secondary institutions. Post-secondary institutions (PSIs) in BC are transitioning from common-form referrals to ApplyBC’s full-service system. During 2012-2014, five new institutions made the change to full service: SFU, CapU, Douglas, VCC, KPU. ApplyBC is currently working with two additional institutions, TRU and UNBC, to transition… Read more »

BCcampus analyst contributes library to open source site

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Thanks to BCcampus Senior Technical Analyst Jam Hamidi’s PESC Java Library, more institutions can now have their student transcripts zip through the Internet via secure servers, quickly and safely. Instead of taking up to 28 days for record exchanges, the transcripts can now be shared in a day. With over 155,000 transcripts being delivered electronically amongst post-secondary institutions and students across Canada, the need for… Read more »

Kwantlen Polytechnic University increases privacy and speed for student transcript processing

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As of November 25th, Kwantlen Polytechnic University is no longer routing student transcripts through the United States for submission to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Until recently, electronic transcripts for some B.C. post-secondary students were transmitted through an established service based in the United States. For institutions in B.C., this presented a challenge, requiring special equipment and a data standard to transfer transcripts. To ensure… Read more »

North Island College recognized as global leader in online innovation

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The Wharton School of Business Reimagine Education Awards recognized North Island College with a pair of awards for their innovative remote laboratory and ability to provide real-time access to distance learners A project created by a local institution to provide students with an Internet connection real-time access to hands-on lab experiments has been recently recognized as one of the top online innovations in the world…. Read more »

Labyrinths for learning

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A workshop at the recent Teaching and Learning Symposium presented a compelling way to introduce mindfulness to learners and educators: finger labyrinths that reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus. In the Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice held in November at SFU Harbour Centre, one of the sessions looked at a new application of a very old concept: using printed labyrinths… Read more »

Competency-based education: Training for the gap

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Part one of a three-part series looking at the competency-based education delivery model, Competency to Credential, developed by BCcampus. As part of its ongoing scan of higher education teaching and learning approaches, BCcampus has monitored the recent interest and developments in competency-based education (CBE) and developed a flexible, systemic approach for delivery of CBE utilizing educational technology called ‘Competency to Credential’. Competency to Credential (CTC)… Read more »