BC Open Textbooks Stats (as of April 2015)

Tis the season for spring cleaning, or in our case spring inventory. Too often we breeze by accomplishments and keep our heads down, focused on the next to-do. When I was asked to pull together some of our Open Textbook statistics, it seemed appropriate to share the stats with others and share what we have accomplished (as of April 2015) and what we are currently working on.
To say the least, phew.

  • 146 known adoptions of Open Textbooks at 14 institutions across British Columbia
  • A student cost savings ranging from $475 K- $700 K (see our post on how we calculate student savings to see why we report the savings as a range)

Top 40 Subject Areas

3- Completed Creations of Open Textbooks:

  1. British Columbia in a Global Context (Geography)
  2. Ethics in Law Enforcement (Criminology)
  3. English Literature: Victorians and Moderns (English)

7 – Completed Adaptations of Open Textbooks:

  1. Introduction to Sociology (Sociology)
  2. Database Design (Computer Science)
  3. Introduction to Psychology (Psychology)
  4. Principles of Social Psychology (Psychology)
  5. Introduction to Chemistry (Chemistry)
  6. Mastering Strategic Management (Business)
  7. Project Management (Business)

2-  In Progress Creations of Open Textbooks:

  1. Pre-Confederation Canadian History (History)- to be released in 2 weeks
  2. Post Confederation Canadian History (History)

1- Completed Testbank Creation:

  1. Psychology Testbank (contact us for access)

3 – In progress Creations – Ancillary material

  1. Concepts of Biology- PowerPoints
  2. Introductory Business Statistics- interactive Excel Worksheets
  3. Pre-Confederation History – videos

2-  In progress Adaptations of Open Textbooks:

  1. Concepts of Biology (Biology)
  2. Introductory Business Statistics (Business)

20 trades/technical/skills training

1- Completed Creation of Open Textbooks:

  1. Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness (Healthcare)

42- In progress Creations of Open Textbooks:

  • Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality for BC (Tourism)
  • ABE for Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Course Pack (6)
  • ABE for Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Reader (6)
  • Graphic Design (Graphics, Multimedia)
  • Physical Geology (Mining)
  • Trades Common Core (20)
    • Control Workplace Hazards
    • OHS regulation and WCB standards
    • WHMIS
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Fire Prevention
    • Basic Measuring Layout and Hand Tools
    • Power Tools
    • Lift Loads
    • Erect Ladders and Scaffolds
    • Fastening and Fittings
    • Mathematical Problems
    • Science Concepts
    • Sketching and Reading Drawings
    • Processing Technical Information
    • Employment Preparation
    • Employability Skills
    • Basic Principles of Electricity
    • Common circuit components and symbols
    • Wiring Connections
    • Multimeters
  • Culinary Arts (7)
    • Workplace Safety
    • Meat Cutting and Processing
    • Kitchen management/ food and labour costing
    • Human Resources
    • Food Safety
    • Employability Skills
    • Baking and Pastry

1- In progress Ancillary material creation

    1. Culinary Arts Exam Bank