Call for participation in an open educational practices group in B.C.

Are you an Instructional Designer working at a post-secondary institution in B.C.? Are you invested in empowering faculty to innovate their teaching practices to promote deep and meaningful learning? Well, then, read on… We are thinking of ramping up an open educational practices group in BC (BCOEP), and you may be interested in participating.
Similarly to the creation of the BCOER Librarian group, BCcampus is currently exploring how to best support B.C. Instructional Designers who are interested in promoting open practices at their own institutions. Instructional Designers are influential leaders in the teaching and learning arena, and as such, they have a significant role to play in promoting open and innovative teaching practices across the Province.
Building on the success of the BCOER Librarians group, BCcampus would like to encourage the creation of a group of practitioners from different institutions to work collaboratively to devise and share strategies to support the use of quality OER in innovative teaching practice.
So, if you are interested in open practices you may be interested in participating in a meeting to discuss the viability of a community that would focus on Open Educational practices. We are planning to have a meeting in early Fall to gauge the interest.
If you would like to participate, please send an email to: and we will be sure to send you an invite.