Q&A with FLO facilitators: Beth Cougler Blom

Our Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) facilitators recently responded to questions about their experiences. Let’s hear from Beth Cougler Blom!

What compelled you to participate in a facilitator / support role?

I became involved in teaching the Instructional Skills Workshop Online at RRU in 2012 and have been teaching that course and then FLO ever since. I love co-facilitating FLO because I learn something new each time it runs and it energizes me to see instructors of all experience levels learning something from the experience.

How was your experience (co) facilitating a FLO workshop? What stands out?

I get excited when people see that learning online can be very, very engaging. They learn from trying things and watching others try things. The things they try don’t always work out, but they’re doing it in a safe space and they always learn something. What stands out are the people who are very engaged and very excited about making changes in their own online teaching (or getting started in online teaching) once they have finished FLO.

What advice do you have for future FLO facilitators?

Always think about how you can do things better next time. Don’t forget to do your own reflective practice. Take the time it needs to facilitate online – but enjoy the process. Learn from your co-facilitator as much as you can. Schedule time in to do the course as it can often get very busy. Take the time it needs to read and respond to forum posts so that you really give the discussions their due. Support the teams behind the scenes and use that support as “teachable moments”.

About Beth

Beth is a learning designer, faculty development facilitator, and group process facilitator working through her own company Beth Cougler Blom, and at Royal Roads University.

She will be co-facilitating the upcoming FLO-Synchronous workshop October 23 – November 10, 2017 with Myra Rhodes.