Q&A with FLO facilitators: Leonne Beebe

Our Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) facilitators recently responded to questions about their experiences. Let’s hear from Leonne Beebe!

What compelled you to participate in a facilitator / support role?

I wanted to learn more about what it is like to facilitate an online course by taking small steps – first as a “shadow” facilitator responsible for a few activities, then as a volunteer co-facilitator with the much-appreciated mentoring provided, and finally as a co-facilitator.

How was your experience (co) facilitating a FLO workshop? What stands out?

My experience, as with all my FLO/FDO experiences, was one of gentle nudges and guidance as I learned to facilitate. What stands out is the collegiality and mentorship of the FLO facilitators, Sylvia Riessner, Sylvia Currie, and Beth Cougler Blom.

What advice do you have for future FLO facilitators?

Just go for it and do it; learn from your experiences and the support provided by the facilitators and participants; ask for help.

About Leonne

Leonne teaches Upgrading and University Preparation at University of the Fraser Valley‘s
Chilliwack campus, and is the Community Access to Literacy and Learning Coordinator at Agassiz Harrison Community Services.

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