Q & A with FLO facilitators: Tracy Roberts

Our Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) facilitators recently responded to questions about their experiences. Let’s hear from Tracy Roberts!

What compelled you to participate in a facilitator/support role?

The need for more, better, different strategies for facilitating learning online was clear to me in my work in ID and faculty development at an institution that did a lot of online and blended learning. So often, folks with immense subject matter expertise – and passion for their field – get thrown into the front of a classroom (online or otherwise) and are expected to be an expert on facilitating others’ learning – it’s crazy! We needed something like the ISW for online teachers, so it was nice to work on being part of a solution with others.

How was your experience (co) facilitating a FLO workshop? What stands out?

One highlight has been co-facilitating with amazing colleagues – working together is so great for you and for the course participants. Many hands may not necessarily make “light” work, but it does make it richer as you support and learn from each other. I also always love it when participants realize what it’s like to be in the learners’ shoes (and quickly change their approach to design because of it). And, it’s always fun to learn about new facilitation moves and online tools.

What advice do you have for future FLO facilitators?

Plan to be VERY “on” – and on top of everything- at the beginning (even before). A strong start with strong instructor presence is essential and sets the tone for the whole course.

About Tracy

Tracy Roberts is Director, Learning + Teaching at BCcampus, and was on the design and facilitation team for the very first  FLO workshop (then called ISWO) at Royal Roads University!

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