Vancouver Liberating Structures User Group: June Update

Just a brief update on the June meeting of the Vancouver Liberating Structures user group  which was a deep dive and lively conversation  on the exciting potential of Liberating Structures (LS) to truly engage the mind, heart and body of our students,  and an exploration on whether we are helping to prepare our students/learners for engagement with us, with each other, and with what they are learning.

For example, at the start of class, do we acknowledge where individuals might be emotionally, mentally, physically on onset? What are we doing to help them to prepare for learning LS together? We discussed the idea of a “check-in” with participants at the start of our meetings. How do we do this in a way that allows each person to be heard? How can this be done “safely”? Have we considered a Liberating Structure to establish our awareness of how everyone is feeling, thinking-one that will help them be fully present and receptive to learning?

Despite diving deep, we’ve only skimmed the surface of this important topic of how we engage the whole learner in learning Liberating Structures, and in fact, how we do so with anything we are teaching and learning.

The next meeting of the Vancouver Liberating Structures User Group will be done over the summer as an online meetup. Stay tuned for more information and updates via our LinkedIn group.

Also an exciting development!  A Liberating Structures app is now available so check it out!: