Updates to improve access and usability

BCcampus continues to make strategic changes to make Open the default for post-secondary education in B.C. The most recent example is the improved layout and new content now available on

Post by BCcampus’ editorial team

The new website is now available, and the observant audience will notice a few changes to the layout and usability. The updated site features new content to provide a consistent message about open in B.C., with improved navigation and layout so readers can find the information they need, quickly and easily.

“It was important to us to ensure the resources and utilities were easily accessible to everyone in the post-secondary environment of B.C.,” explained Lauri Aesoph, Manager, Open Education at BCcampus. “We have such a wealth of information for textbook creators, instructors interested in using open in their classrooms, and students in need of affordable learning resources. We wanted our website to make it easy for everyone involved to access the resources they need.”

Key components

The new layout is more intuitive and accessible due to a logical arrangement of content, and repetitive content – a result of multiple contributions over many years – has been eliminated. The guides to create, adopt, and adapt open textbooks are still available, as are the toolkits and MARC records. “We used a multilayered approach to address the needs of our audience: users who aren’t as familiar with the open concept will find the content accessible and informative, while advanced users can easily find the resources they need, so they can spend their valuable time developing and implementing open, rather than looking for tools,” shared Lauri.

The majority of the content that was previously available on the open website is still accessible: Calls for Proposals are now under the Grants & Calls for Proposals tab, upcoming events are available on the BCcampus events page, and the open textbooks collection is prominently featured under the Find Open Textbooks navigation tab.

Open Education

“Much of the work we do at BCcampus is project-based – directed by the government to take on a specific task,” said Amanda Coolidge, Senior Manager, Open Education at BCcampus. “Open education is not a project; rather, it’s a way to change the teaching and learning process across the province. The new website will help us create, distribute, and facilitate the resources required to embed change into institutions and classrooms throughout B.C.”

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