Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month, an event established in the 1990s to raise awareness about the heritage and history of Asian Canadians and to acknowledge their achievements and communities’ contributions to the country we live in today.

Sadly, the recent pandemic has brought a backlash of racism and racist acts against people of Asian backgrounds. Unfortunately, anti-Asian racism and xenophobia is not a new phenomenon. It has been part of American and Canadian history for a long time. At BCcampus we believe awareness and education are the first steps to combat ignorance and racial intolerance.

Let’s take this opportunity to learn about Asian Canadians’ history and their unique heritages and cultures. The stories of these Canadians are stories of people who have shaped and continue to shape and enrich our country, making it vibrant and diverse. 

Below is a list of curated resources about Asian Canadian history. Let’s celebrate these Canadians’ unique heritages and cultures and commit to fight against anti-Asian racism. We recognize that the label Asian Canadian paints with a broad brush; it is impossible to capture all groups with this term. We’re also aware this list is far from exhaustive. If you would like to add to the resources below or think something is missing, please reach out to us!

Informational Resources and Experiences

Societies to Support

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