A Year in Review: Celebrating Milestones and Progress

Every year BCcampus is driven by our mandate and a steadfast commitment to advancing teaching, learning, and open education in the province. Our 2023/24 Annual Review not only highlights our impact on British Columbia’s post-secondary educational landscape, it also underscores our efforts in aligning with the priorities of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.  

“Reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and challenges, we invite you to join us in celebrating the many vibrant educational communities nurtured through BCcampus. The BCcampus 2023/24 Annual Review is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring equitable access to education, and equipping people with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.”  

— Amanda Coolidge, executive director, BCcampus 

Some of the highlights of the Annual Review include: 

Open Education 

BCcampus leads in open education, enhancing access to education across the province by developing open educational resources (OER) and disseminating best practices for both students and instructors. This past year has seen key successes in creating and releasing nine open course packs, developing guidelines around artificial intelligence and OER, and sponsoring celebrations for Open Education Week in B.C. and the Yukon. 

Learning + Teaching 

Our learning and teaching activities over the past year have focused on offering a wide variety of learning opportunities for educators in B.C. while developing opportunities to improve the student experience. Some of our highlights include Studio23: Reignite Your Teaching and Facilitation Practice, which aimed to provide a platform for professionals to reunite in person to invigorate their teaching and facilitation practices. We also expanded our Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) series and marked a significant milestone with the BCcampus Research Fellows program through the publication of an ezine

Digital Learning 

Digital learning activities focused on the province’s Digital Learning Strategy in partnership with the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills and the Digital Learning Advisory Committee. BCcampus co-hosted the Digital Learning Strategy Forum with the ministry in November 2023. The forum focused on shared initiatives that enhanced capacity within the post-secondary system. This was particularly crucial in strategic areas where collaboration across multiple institutions was a key determinant for success. 


BCcampus worked on a variety of short-term and multi-year projects through partnerships and agreements with government agencies, non-profit groups and associations, and B.C.’s post-secondary institutions, with a shared goal of improving learning and teaching experiences. Highlights in 2023/24 included work around micro-credentials, professional learning support for early childhood educators, and intersectional sexualized violence. 


Over the past fiscal year, BCcampus hosted, supported, or sponsored over 60 events for B.C. post-secondary faculty, staff, and students. We continue to make progress toward ensuring our events are as inclusive and as universally accessible as possible. 

Organizational Leadership 

One of the biggest internal changes at BCcampus was the establishment of the Steering Committee to guide the organization. They supported the refining of our mandate, mission, vision, and organizational values and helped establish a robust governance framework for BCcampus. 

“We are pleased to celebrate these accomplishments and a year full of key milestones. This annual review is not simply a reflection on the past, but also a guidepost for the future. By understanding BCcampus’ impact, we can plan for the coming years in alignment with the mission and values and the priorities of the post-secondary sector in B.C.” 

— Dr. Neil Fassina and Dr. Diane Purvey, BCcampus Steering Committee co-chairs 

BCcampus’ 2023/24 Annual Review is now live and highlights our unwavering commitment to advancing effective, inclusive, and accessible post-secondary teaching and learning practices in British Columbia. It profiles our achievements and serves not only as a reflection on the past but also as a roadmap guiding BCcampus toward a future aligned with the evolving priorities of the post-secondary sector in B.C.