Leading with Purpose: BCcampus Strategic Plan, 2024-2027  

We are thrilled to unveil BCcampus’ Strategic Plan, 2024-2027. This comprehensive roadmap was crafted through an inclusive process, reflecting the voices, aspirations, and priorities of our audience and interest holders. 

Our journey towards this strategic plan began with an environmental analysis, gaining insights into the evolving landscape of post-secondary education in British Columbia. Subsequently, we engaged our audience using a multi-faceted approach. A wide-reaching survey was disseminated to capture the sentiments and perspectives of our broader audience, while direct conversations with our interest holders, including insightful focus groups, provided invaluable qualitative input. 

We received a total of 125 responses to the survey, with 107 respondents working within B.C.’s post-secondary institutions. The feedback was from a diverse audience, with the most common roles being educators with continuing appointments (37%), teaching and technology support staff (20%), and administrators (26%).  

The resulting strategy reflects the priorities and aspirations of our community and BCcampus’ direction over the next three years. The strategic plan objectives are supported by internal strategies and key activities to help achieve and measure the outcomes. 

The key themes of the strategic plan include:  

  1. Building relationships and communities 
  2. Advancing teaching and learning practices 
  3. Supporting organizational excellence 

Reflecting on the collaborative journey and the future path outlined in our strategic plan, BCcampus’ executive director, Amanda Coolidge, said, “As we unveil BCcampus’ Strategic Plan for 2024-2027, we celebrate the collaborative effort that has brought us to this milestone. This plan embodies our commitment to promoting lasting and meaningful truth and reconciliation, fostering innovation, and ensuring accountability. Together, we will continue to advance teaching and learning practices, build strong relationships and communities, and support organizational excellence, driving positive change for post-secondary education in British Columbia.” 

We are grateful to all who contributed to shaping this strategic plan. Your insights, passion, and dedication have been instrumental in creating our path forward. BCcampus will be guided by our strategic plan over the next three years, and we will continue to innovate, collaborate, and empower, driving positive change and excellence for post-secondary education in British Columbia.