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Since 2012, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training has funded B.C. open education initiatives and tasked BCcampus with managing them. Our goal is to provide flexible and affordable access to post-secondary learning resources in B.C. by making open educational resources (OER) available and supporting open educational practices (OEP).

With financial support from the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, BCcampus will distribute grants to institutions, faculty members, or individuals in B.C. and the Yukon for the development of open educational resources for Health Care Assistant (HCA) programs. 


This call for proposals is for individuals or groups in British Columbia and the Yukon who wish to create a complete open textbook or contribute as a subject matter expert on specific topics for open textbooks in the following subject areas, as outlined in the Health Care Assistant Program Provincial Curriculum Guide 2015:

  • Healing 1: Caring for Individuals Experiencing Common Health Challenges
  • Healing 3: Personal Care and Assistance

Estimated completion time: 1 year

Amount: Up to $15,000 per subject area

Application Process

The application form should be completed and emailed to This call is currently open – deadline for submissions pending.

Criteria for Successful Proposals

Successful proposals will meet the following mandatory criteria:

  • Must not exceed $15,000 funding request from BCcampus per project
  • Complete resource development within one year
  • Exhibit characteristics of quality teaching and learning
  • Be released with an open licence, such as a Creative Commons licence, which allows others to freely adapt, modify, copy, and/or redistribute the content
  • Include a budget documenting the use of the funding being requested

The following criteria are preferred, but not mandatory. Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Address accessibility and make use of the principles of Universal Design for Learning
  • Incorporate Indigenous perspectives and pedagogies
  • Consider equity, diversity, and inclusion and make use of inclusive practices
  • Include the provision of resources necessary to complete the project, such as the assistance of an instructional designer, multimedia developer, librarian, and copy-editor (Note that, if the applicant uses available resources, it promotes more institutional buy-in to the project and thus the potential for more adoption)
  • Encourage the use of activities that embrace open pedagogies

Project Requirements

For funding to be released, all OER grant projects must:

  • Be released with an open licence, such as a Creative Commons licence, which allows others to freely retain, copy, modify, remix, and/or redistribute the content
  • Be completed on time
  • Include all source and editable files used in creating the resource (including any multimedia files) to easily enable further remixing and modifications
  • Be copy-edited

Review and Selection Process

Evaluation, selection, and awards are determined by an internal review committee against the Evaluation Criteria.

If you are applying to create an entire resource, please complete this application form and email to

If you wish to express interest in participating in this project as a subject matter expert or a contributor for specific topics within these subject areas, please email the following to

  • A statement about why you are interested in this project
  • A list of the topics you are interested in contributing to
  • Your resume or CV

If you have any further questions, please email them to

Background information on Open Educational Resources (OER)

Background information on the Health Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Initiative