There has been incredible work across British Columbia around the development of certificates, diplomas, associated degrees, and degrees that rely solely on open educational resources (OER) and other free materials for enrolled students in an effort to save them money. These credentials have been named Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) credentials

This past fall, we assembled an advisory committee of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educators from across the province and then began an exhaustive environmental scan of adoptions across the province. We summarized the requirements of an Associate of Science two-year degree or diploma at all institutions that offer this credential in B.C. into basic requirements that fit most institutions. We then aligned the known OER adoptions to the requirements of the Associate of Science credential. 

Pathway to an Associate of Science degree

The pathway to an Associate of Science degree is now available based on existing OER and adoptions that align with the core requirements for the Associate of Science program.

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English - 2 courses required

The resources on the pathway are verified adoptions and the OER can be found in the BCcampus Open Textbook collection and other repositories.

Wondering about virtual lab resources?

The Virtual Lab and Science Resource Directory is now available, featuring virtual labs and online activities.