To help us better understand the impact open education practices have on teaching and learning, we’ve brought in open education researchers for an annual fellowship role with BCcampus. This year, we have three exceptional and diverse fellows exploring the topics of trades, learner perspectives, and adoption impact. Their passion and dedication to access and equity for all students will help us develop and promote the OER movement throughout the province and across the country.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the following fellows:

The central goals of the Open Education Advocacy and Research Fellows program are to achieve the following results:

  1. Encourage adoption of existing open textbooks
  2. Advocate for and educate faculty about the adaptation and creation of open textbooks
  3. Advocate for the use of student-centred learning design in open educational resources
  4. Advocate for the integration of open practices in teaching and learning in B.C. post-secondary institutions
  5. Assist BCcampus staff with ensuring that the resources in our collection are relevant and of high quality
  6. Conduct research on open education in B.C. post-secondary institutions