Testing software in BCcampus’ digital sandbox

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BCcampus’ sandbox is like a test kitchen for technology. You get to play around with ingredients and a recipe (software application) before you decide whether to put it on your menu (curriculum). The sandbox helps you make informed decisions. Let’s say there’s an open source software application that you’ve been thinking about using in your classroom or at your institution. (The Canvas learning management system might… Read more »

BCcampus and BCNet agree to transfer Blackboard Collaborate shared service

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First there was a Memorandum of Understanding, now there is a master agreement between BCNET and Blackboard Collaborate. For the past several months, BCcampus has been working in partnership with BCNET to transition learning and technology licensing agreements to BCNET. The 2014-2015 Blackboard Collaborate Master Agreement is the first of these agreements that will be transitioned to BCNET. “This agreement is an administrative transfer,” said… Read more »

Collaborative Educational Services Update

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We’re in the process of adopting the name Collaborative Educational Services to be inclusive of both educational technology shared services (e.g., Moodle) as well as collaborative programs (e.g., Applied Business Technology) and services (e.g. eTutoring). (Note: we currently refer to these areas as Collaborative Programs and Shared Services.) This note is concerned specifically with the educational technology shared service area though – BCcampus now has 13 collaborative… Read more »

General Shared Service Meeting November 3

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BCcampus has scheduled a Fall General Shared Service Meeting for November 3, 2011 at the Kwantlen Richmond Campus. Purpose: The annual Fall general shared service meeting provides a forum for general updates, input and feedback on BCcampus shared services. In addition, it is an opportunity to bring forward and discuss requests for new shared services. Usually, the general meeting precedes the individual user group meetings (the individual… Read more »

Shared Services Update August 2011

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I wanted to take an opportunity during this ‘relatively’ quiet period to provide you an update on BCcampus shared services. It has been almost a year that I have been working with institutions on BCcampus shared service initiatives. In that time, the BCcampus team supporting shared service initiatives has worked to: continue to raise awareness of educational shared services as a means to meet enterprise… Read more »