Enabling access

Open educational resources (OER), such as the open textbooks and courses in the B.C. Open Collection, make student-centred learning possible. Instructors can modify the course materials to fit their curriculum, and students can benefit from a wide variety of delivery models, including video, audio, print, and online.

Retaining, reusing, revising, remixing, and redistributing bring flexibility, consistency, and collaboration to the classroom, and lead to the co-creation of knowledge by instructors and learners. Open education is about agency for faculty and for students improving the entire post-secondary system of B.C. and is one of the reasons that BCcampus is a stalwart champion for open education.

Advocates for open

Whether you are an academic professional looking for tools and resources to improve your ability to use open in your classroom, or you are a student looking for affordable ways to access the information you need to complete your program, we have collected and catalogued a substantial selection of tools and resources designed to improve open education.

By sharing, reusing, and remixing content in the B.C. Open Collection, instructors can tailor-fit the material for their curriculum and follow Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to improve accessibility for all students. Here are a few of the Open Education stories with local educators sharing their experience with accessible learning.

Discover the world of open at collection.bccampus.ca.