About us

We are BCcampus, and we support the post-secondary institutions of British Columbia as they adapt and evolve their teaching and learning practices to enable powerful learning opportunities for the students of B.C. Through partnerships with B.C.’s post-secondary institutions, as well as government agencies and nonprofit groups and associations, we evaluate, facilitate, and collaborate on complex and innovative education projects. We have helped British Columbia become a recognized world leader in open education, and we have a global reputation for advancing pedagogy and the use of technology for learning.

We provide collaborative leadership to provincial partners through Ministry-identified core lines of service:

  • Open Education
  • Shared Curriculum and Learning Resources
  • Technology-Enabled Teaching and Learning Shared Services

Our team

To achieve our goals and fulfill our mandate, we use a collaborative leadership model: our Executive Director and core staff oversee the BCcampus projects, with project-specific expertise brought in on an as-needed basis.

Accountable to B.C. taxpayers

We adhere to the Taxpayer Accountability Principles through:

  1. Cost Consciousness – maximizing value through organizational efficiencies and collaborative approaches, as well as employing system-wide practices to harness openly licensed resources
  2. Service – fulfilling the teaching and learning needs of B.C.’s learners, educators, and administrators
  3. Accountability – providing services for identified needs, with advisory groups and feedback mechanisms
  4. Respect – building community through collaboration and engagement
  5. Appropriate Compensation –  all BCcampus employees are compensated fairly through salary scales established by SFU, our administrative partner
  6. Integrity – Transparency, ethical approaches, trust, and long-term relationships underpin the foundation of BCcampus


The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training provides funding for our core operations, with specific priorities and deliverables outlined in an BCcampus Annual Review 2016-17.

Collaborative partnerships

To improve the learning opportunities for post-secondary students, we have created strategic partnerships with leading educational agencies and organizations within the realm of Open Education. The relationships we’ve created enable opportunities for institutions, faculty, and learners throughout the province, as well as around the globe.

A stronger focus on teaching and learning

BCcampus key deliverables

At BCcampus, our mandate is to provide teaching, learning, educational technology, and open education support to the post-secondary system in British Columbia. We accomplish this by leading innovation and providing value to educators and institutions; evaluating and developing leading practices that enable a systemic approach to student learning in B.C.

The province’s post-secondary system is diverse and exceptional, and through our model of collaborative leadership we bring resources and expertise together to facilitate access and awareness to openly available curricular resources and learning opportunities. By using available resources in the most effective and efficient ways possible, we have designed and developed additional cost-recovery business models into our service catalogue that effectively enable the next generation of digital learning environments.

Core values:  Open.  Sharing.  Access.  Accountability.  Quality.  Respect.

Moving forward

As our educational systems transform, so do the responsibilities, approaches, and policies of BCcampus. Through our collaborative, iterative approach to improvement, we have refined our Key Deliverables to ensure we continue to provide support, thought leadership, and quality services to the province’s post-secondary system.

BCcampus continues to provide consultation and practical expertise to institutions and government agencies on the appropriate use of open licensing of curricular resource, as well as emergent trends that may provide value to teaching and learning in B.C.


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