BCcampus Collaborative Projects

Cross-sector collaboration and collective impact are vital to the creation and development of purpose-driven, shared curriculum and learning resources for the post-secondary system of British Columbia. BCcampus leverages available expertise throughout the post-secondary education system in British Columbia to help institutions meet the education and training needs of students; shepherding innovation and distributing new learning by leading collaborative education projects are just a few of the ways we accomplish this.

We work with leaders and innovators across multiple sectors to create impactful, student-centred learning experiences and resources through evidence-based pedagogy, strategic engagements, and iterative designs.

Leading Together

To achieve an effective diversity of perspective, we work with sector stakeholders to co-create open educational resources (OER) and learning environments, leveraging system expertise, exploring challenges, and building teams to meet each project’s requirements. We act as a neutral convener, using a modular framework that can be tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Some of the projects we’ve been involved with:

Elder Abuse Reduction

Through a collaboration with leaders and experts within the post-secondary education system, non-profit, government, provincial, and national agencies, instructors and trainers in B.C. now have an instructional resource to raise awareness about core elder abuse concepts.

Health Care Assistant Program

The Health Care Assistant Program provides students with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function effectively as front-line caregivers and respected members of the healthcare team within community and facility settings.

In the fall of 2014, we assembled a steering committee, comprised of representatives from various stakeholder groups, to review and revise the Health Care Assistant (HCA) Core Competency profile from 2008. The updated content includes the curriculum guide as well as a Health Care Assistant Program provincial curriculum supplement.

B.C. Innovation Council’s Market Validation Training (MVT)

To improve access – and ultimately success – for early-stage entrepreneurs, we worked with New Ventures B.C. to develop and implement an online learning platform. The resource is available for use by public and private education institutions to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs with the skills and resources required for success.

Professional Cook Gap Training Pilot

Through a dynamic partnership with go2HR, an advisory committee tasked with coordinating the B.C. Tourism HR Action Plan, we dissected the existing curriculum used in the province’s professional cook program to identify the individual, specific competencies required. With these insights, we worked collaboratively to create competency libraries and common curriculum repositories for online self-assessment and individualized learning strategies.

Collaborative Project Funding

The funding for our collaborative projects comes from government ministries in support of provincial strategies, enabling BCcampus to explore and examine sector needs and opportunities, as well as to co-create guiding resources that support B.C.’s strategy, goals, legislation, and post-secondary community requests; bringing commitment to action.

Current Projects:


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