Privacy Conference Follow-up

Our Privacy Laws and Cloud-based Educational Technology Conference had three broad recommendations for BCcampus to follow up (as outlined in the final conference report). They were:

1) To work with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to develop a set of policy guidelines and resources for post-secondary educational institutions.

Follow up: the OIPC is nearly finished a draft based on all the materials we sent them and will seek our input once it’s ready.

2) To act as a resource, convener and facilitator on this issue for B.C.’s post-secondary system (BCcampus).

Follow up: We will continue to update as a base for resources relating to privacy laws and educational technology.

3) To review amendment 30.1 of the FIPPA regarding storage and access of personal info to provide provisions to include social media specifically (government).

Follow-up: We are asking for a meeting with the Office of the CIO to present our background paper and conference final report.

Also as a follow-up to the conference, I was asked to present the conference final report and background paper to the BC Council on Admissions and Transfers Education Planner day on May 27. I spoke to about 40 people who were very interested and who had a lot of follow up questions.

There was also continued interest in the background paper arising from the “Free and Open Digital Tools for the Modern Student” session (link here) at the recent ETUG conference. I emailed links to the final report and the background paper to several people who asked.