Systemic collaboration is our strategy

We believe that establishing a systemic responses to educational technology challenges and opportunities in the B.C. higher education sector is the key strategy for BCcampus.

BCcampus-word-cloudSo, we’re happy to announce that the BCcampus Strategic Council has approved our strategic plan for 2012-2015 and has directed us to proceed to drafting a fiscal year service plan for 2012-2013.

A previous post on evergreen strategic planning outlined some of the sources we’ve researched to write a plan that allows us to push into new educational technology focus areas while strengthening and maintaining the systemic infrastructure we’ve built in British Columbia to support the online learning initiatives of our system partners.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions about operational tactics that will allow us to achieve the key directions and goals outlined in our strategic plan.

Reprinted under Creative Commons license from David’s blog: conviviality