ApplyBC Student Survey 2014 – The Results

Would-be post-secondary students appreciate the convenience of ApplyBC, but their application experience could be even better, according to our latest user survey.

45% Don’t Know When to Expect an Offer of AcceptanceRecently we conducted an online survey to gain a better understanding of how our audience uses the ApplyBC online application. The respondents provided us with useful feedback on the changes we implemented in 2013, and offered suggestions as to how we can improve the online application.

During the sixty days between September 26, 2013 and November 26, 2013, over 13,000 users completed and submitted an application to one or more post-secondary institutions in B.C. via the ApplyBC online application. 821 (6%) of the applicants completed the online survey, and the responses they shared provided us with useful information that will be used to enhance the program in future iterations.

The survey consisted of 16 questions; seven focused on the ApplyBC online application itself, and the rest concerned student-centric data and planned service improvements for ApplyBC. The responses came primarily from high school students (62%), followed by post-secondary students (17%), mature students (10%), post-secondary graduates (5%), and international learners (3%).

Two-Thirds Plan on Multiple Submissions

While this information isn’t reflected in the current usage of ApplyBC, we found it interesting that 66% of respondents were self-reporting that they planned to submit an application to two or more institutions. 69% shared they would like to apply to multiple institutions or programs in a single step, rather than complete an application for each institution.

45% Don’t Know When to Expect an Offer of Acceptance

One-fifth of the respondents felt they would receive an offer of acceptance within four weeks, and a smattering felt it would take six, eight, ten, or twelve weeks – or longer – but nearly half of the respondents shared they didn’t  know how long the process should take.

Over 60% Want Integration Between ApplyBC and StudentAidBCOver 60% Want Integration Between ApplyBC and StudentAidBC

With almost 45% of the respondents sharing that they will apply for financial aid through StudentAidBC, it’s not a big surprise that the majority of users wanted to see some integration between the two online applications.

Overall, the results were very positive, and this is reflected in the 118 responses that provided additional comments about ApplyBC and/or the application process. 47.5% of the comments praised the system experience, and 25% offered suggestions and/or support for improvements, including additional payment options and account management improvements.  Read the full results of the 16-question survey here.

Notable Quotes:

Some positive and interesting comments were collected through the survey, including:

I loved how all my information was saved so I didn’t have to re-type all information over and over again!

The application process was very simple and the interface was friendly.

I think ApplyBC is the fastest and best way to apply to post-secondary easily. Thank You

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