Festival Session Highlight: Indigenous Teaching & Learning…

Open session for 40 Participants (First-Come, First-In) 

This session will be a collection of stories, experiences and insights into how Vancouver Island University is using a principled-approach to work with faculty members to understand, apply and learn new ways of integrating Indigenous perspectives into their classrooms.

This session will follow a similar format they used in building an Indigenous Learning Circle to share learning, ask questions and explore new principles of practice. An Elder-in-Residence, an Aboriginal student and two faculty members who have made changes to their classes will be part of the circle, along with Directors of Aboriginal Education and the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

Participants will leave with insights and ideas as to next steps for looking at how they can learn and incorporate their learnings into the classroom.


  • Sharon Hobenshield, Director, Aboriginal Education, Vancouver Island University
  • Sylvia Scow, Aboriginal Projects Coordinator and Elder Support, Vancouver Island University
  • Gary Manson, Elder-in-Residence, Office of Aboriginal Education, Vancouver Island
  • Liesel Knaack, Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, Vancouver Island University
  • Marilyn Funk, Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Deborah Torkko, Professor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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