ELMSLN EdTech Demo

This is an archive page of an EdTech Demo that happened on March 14, 2017


What is ELMS:Learning Network?

ELMSLN is a fundamentally new approach to LMS design. Instead of starting with 1 giant system, ELMSLN is built out more like Google Apps Suite or the Microsoft family of web applications. It’s often referred to more as a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) rather then a traditional LMS.

ELMSLN is self-federated, meaning every part of the network acts as if the other parts are some place else. This is important because it allows for sustainable innovation; something that currently is impossible given the constraints of existing technologies. This allows faculty and instructional designers to build course and student centric systems as well as developers to innovate in individual courses, then rolling the innovations out across the rest of the portfolio.

Because we behave like Google, students and faculty still only have one account even though their experience may take them across or involve multiple systems. With consistency in design and user account management, it feels like one solution but with all the flexibility and future proofing capability of the Google approach to feature roll out. This talk will demonstrate content production and flexibility within it, how we leverage the network to create new experiences, how students use our Open Studio tool to perform open critique for a social classroom, and how we’re using technologies like xAPI and H5P to provide analytics and engagement beyond traditional offerings.

About Bryan

Bryan is the project lead of ELMS Learning Network. Bryan is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University College of Information, Sciences & Technology with a B.S. (2006) and M.S. (2015). His Master’s Thesis of Information Altruism highlights that through donation of information technology we are able to change institutions. He has been contributing to Drupal based systems since 2007 and is a tireless advocate for the transformative nature of open source communities. Bryan is a leading voice in the Drupal in Education community and has helped Penn State adopt and grow a vibrant Drupal community. Presenting at dozens of Education and Drupal conferences alike, Bryan travels with his message that open source can, does, and will transform our institutions and our world.