EdTech Demo: Teaching STEM Online: Challenges and Solutions

This is an archive page for this session, which took place on May 30, 2017.



Maplesoft is changing the way educators adopt technologies in the classroom. From online assessments to entire course delivery, it is redefining how students and instructors engage with STEM-based concepts online.

Our presentation will look at how the educational landscape is transforming worldwide, and how institutions and instructors can be part of this new way of teaching and learning. We will introduce Maplesoft’s unique technology tools that are focused on providing solutions for online STEM courses – Möbius, the new online courseware, and Maple T.A. 2016.1, the latest version of the testing and assessment platform.

About the Presenters

Jonny Zivku earned his BMath in Combinatorics & Optimization and Pure Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He has been with Maplesoft since 2009 and is currently a Product Manager for Online Education Products at Maplesoft. His previous roles included working with the Technical Support team, the Quality Assurance team, the Project Management team, and managing Maple T.A. and our Placement Test Suite.

Andrew Rourke is the International Channel Director for Teaching Solutions at Maplesoft. He is responsible for providing direction, leadership and support for Maplesoft’s network of 30 international partners, representing the company in over 85 countries. In these markets, Andrew directs business development and promotion of Maplesoft’s suite of academic solutions and products.