B.C. Open Textbooks Collection: New Books and Resources

It’s been a busy month for the B.C. Open Textbook Project. We’ve curated many new textbooks and resources for all to use. Please see below for details.

We’ve added another anthropology book to our collection.

This book now has a Portuguese translation in addition to its current Chinese, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese versions.

This philosophy book is from the Open SUNY collection. A print on demand option has been added.
From the Alberta OER repository, we have brought in the following books:

  • ESL books

To accommodate these books, a new sub-category, “English as a Second Language”, has been added to “Upgrading Programs”. Convenient reference links between these books are included.

Professional Communications OER series
Convenient reference links between these books are included.

Microbiology (an adaptation from Boundless), by Peggy O’Sullivan
In addition to textbooks, the following resources are now available through the BCcampus OpenEd website.
The B.C. Open Textbook Pressbooks Guide has been updated with:

  1. PowerPoint Slides Used during Pressbooks Training Webinars
  2. Embedded videos and transcripts for

The Faculty OER Toolkit by Shannon Moist, SFU Teaching & Learning Centre, has been added to the Resources drop-down list on the BCcampus OpenEd website.
The World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository has been added to the Open Textbook/OER Directory. This impressive collection contains over 23,000 high-quality books, journals, working papers, and other high-quality resources on economic development around the world. In 2012, World Bank Group President, Robert B. Zoellick said: “Making our knowledge widely and readily available will empower others to come up with solutions to the world’s toughest problems.”
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