Open Education Stories: Adult Basic Education Zed Cred Ahead

In June 2018, we announced that BCcampus had received funding for creating an Adult Basic Education (ABE) Zed Cred.

Post by Krista Lambert, Advisor, Open Education

Since that time, we have begun work on making the ABE Zed Cred a reality.

First, we assembled a steering committee of educators from across the province who helped us identify possible pathways for learners. Next, instructors and coordinators began to review existing open textbooks for suitability for the British Columbia curriculum. Then, we prioritized the order of subjects for development and issued our first call for proposals. From that call, we were able to start six projects for a range of English and math courses.

We have been encouraged and inspired by the passion and fervent enthusiasm that our steering committee and authors have shown over the past few months. This project is not possible without the dedication these educators have for their students.

Today, we are issuing our second call for proposals. This call is open to B.C. educators from all levels and not restricted solely to ABE instructors. In addition to new creations and adaptations, this call also includes the creation of ancillary resources for books that have been identified for adoption.

The application form should be completed and emailed to:

All proposals must be submitted to the ABE Steering Committee and BCcampus Open Education Team by 11:59 pm, Monday, February 11, 2019.

Proposals will be evaluated and selected by an internal review committee using the following Evaluation Criteria [PDF].

If you have any further questions, please email them to