EYPD Project Update

The Early Years Professional Development Web Portal Pilot Project (EYPD) wrapped up its three-year pilot phase in March 2019 and the final report and infographic have been released. The EYPD final report describes the planning and development strategies that were followed to collaboratively design, build, and evaluate the EYPD web portal with leaders from British Columbia’s early years sector. This report also summarizes two years of web portal traffic data to explain the extent to which the EYPD web portal met the uptake, reach and engagement goals of the project.

Post by Kathreen Riel, Project Manager, Early Years Portal Project

Top five EYPD final report recommendations:

  1. Improve coordination between the EYPD web portal and the provincial ECE Registry to validate mandatory training hours required by certified professionals.
  2. Create stronger connections between the EYPD web portal and the revised Early Learning Framework.
  3. Continue working within the collaborative leadership framework.
  4. Establish stronger connections with post-secondary institutions.
  5. Explore what motivates early years professionals to engage in professional development.

The final report suggests that the EYPD web portal supports access to training opportunities for early years professionals in British Columbia. Ongoing evaluation and continued dialogue with a broad spectrum of organizations will inform the next stages of the EYPD web portal project. To learn more about the EYPD project, please visit