Post-Secondary Directory expanded to include all of Canada

A valuable open reference for post-secondary institutions across Canada has been completed.

One of the challenges of working in a relatively new field like open education is finding the community, tools, and support needed–especially at the local level. In April, BCcampus Open Education addressed this issue by publishing the first half of the Post-Secondary Directory which focuses on open educational activities, resources, and support at each of B.C.’s post-secondary institutions. Now the same is available for the rest of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Post by Lauri Aesoph, Manager, Open Education

British Columbia is listed at the beginning of the directory followed by the new, second section which lists Canada’s remaining nine provinces and three territories alphabetically. The opening page provides links to Canada’s federal organizations working in open education. Subsequent chapters begin with province- or territory-wide post-secondary information such the names and links to open education projects and collections, post-secondary library associations, and government departments or ministries of higher education. This is followed by post-secondary institutions that have posted open educational resources and practice guides, and described how to work in open education. An overview of Canada’s national open education initiatives can be found in the appendix.

Regardless of open education participation, the intention and design behind this directory are to provide a means of sharing ideas and practices so that both the individual searching for assistance in their region or home institution and their colleagues at other colleges and universities can be easily located.

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