The Power of Three: the 2019–2020 ETUG Leadership Team

A quick look at the 2019–2020 leadership structure for the Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG)

Post by BCcampus’ editorial team

There’s a new dynamic in place for the Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG), the local grassroots community of post-secondary educators creating awareness about teaching, learning, and educational technology in higher education in B.C.

Drawing from an idea proposed by Clint Lalonde, project manager at BCcampus, the ETUG team has implemented a rotating triangle of leadership. Each member of the governing team will serve one year as primary and two years in supporting roles.

Emily Schudel, instructional designer at Camosun College, is the current chair, providing the final word on actions and activities at ETUG. Terri Bateman, distributed learning facilitator at North Island College, is serving as past chair, delivering input and recommendations based on her experience as chair last year. Lastly, Keith Webster, associate director ofthe Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies at Royal Roads University, is preparing to take over the tiara of power next year.

“Previously, we didn’t have a guideline for the leadership structure,” said Terri. “Chairs, or co-chairs, would serve for unspecified terms and hand the reins over to the incoming leader(s). With our new structure, there is an extra level of support; for example, Keith and Emily could set agendas and run meetings when I went on vacation.”

“In years past,” said Keith, “there have been occasions with a chair and vice-chair—or just a chair—and if something happened, the community was left in a bit of a lurch. This new format provides consistency for ETUG members, so we can continue to maintain direction and momentum.”

“Moving forward,” said Emily, “there will always be two people who are or have served in the capacity of co-chair, which means that nobody will be left to struggle alone.”

The ETUG leadership team is busy outlining the upcoming year, drawing from information gathered through a planning day with the stewardship committee, as well as through the online webinar and face-to-face workshops.

“We’ve been evaluating what’s been done and looking at what needs to be changed or retired,” said Keith.

“We’ll be posting a report about our planning day soon, sharing more information about upcoming webinars and the fall face-to-face workshops,” said Emily.

“One of the great things about the triangle is the continuity it provides ETUG: the new leader steps in to take on more responsibility,” said Terri, “and you already know what’s going on because you were part of the planning process. You aren’t stuck with previous decisions.”

“We’ve been working with the people at BCcampus—last year, it was Clint Lalonde and Robynne Devine, and this year, it’s with Tracy Roberts and Becca Shortt,” said Emily. “We really appreciate what the team at BCcampus does for us, individually and as a community, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone this spring at Festival of Learning 2020.”

The Educational Technology Users Group

ETUG is an active community of learning professionals, with many opportunities for you to get involved. Sign up for their newsletter, join their energetic Slack channel, or volunteer to serve on the stewardship committee to have your voice heard and help shape the future. There are representatives from many institutions across the province, but not all of them. If you’re passionate about teaching, learning, and EdTech in higher education, check with the leadership team to see how your institution can provide input and content for B.C.’s learning community.

Notable quote:

“I came to ETUG at a time when I didn’t really have the opportunities to collaborate with people at my own institution, and it gave me a network of fellow practitioners to collaborate with and learn from. ETUG is about what the education technology community wants and needs, so I know we will be asking our members to help us determine the direction they would like to see us take.” —Emily Schudel, current ETUG chair and instructional designer, Camosun College

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