Announcing the Open Homework Systems Project Grant Recipients

BCcampus is happy to announce the latest grant recipients of the Open Homework Systems Project.

This latest round of grants focused on the development of STEM practice questions for open homework systems such as WebWorK and PrairieLearn. 

The grant recipients are:

1. UBC Math
Project lead: Elyse Yeager, associate professor of teaching

The project will convert existing student practice questions to PrairieLearn. The questions align with first-year differential calculus and integral calculus courses.

2. Vancouver Island University
Project lead: Jessie Key, professor, department of Chemistry

Dr. Key will develop student self-assessment questions and activities to support student learning in organic chemistry. The questions will align with the open textbook Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis and could also support other organic chemistry curricular materials.

3. UBC-Okanagan (two grants)
Project leads: Firas Moosvi, lecturer, and Jake Bobowski, associate professor of teaching

This open educational resource (OER) STEM creation grant is for the development of student practice questions that support four courses in the first-year stream of physics. Specifically, the questions are being developed in the PrairieLearn platform and will support student learning in the UBC Okanagan courses PHYS 111, PHYS 112, PHYS 121, and PHYS 122. 

Project lead: Stefan Lukits, BCIT Math department

This OER STEM question creation grant is for the development of practice questions for students in the WeBWorK platform. These questions will align with the open textbook College Physics.

Each grant is worth $5000, and the resulting student practice questions will be released with open licenses that make them usable by others in the B.C. post-secondary system and beyond.

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