May is Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month, a month to celebrate Asian Canadians and to acknowledge their achievements and unique contributions to our history. The more we learn about each other’s culture and traditions, the more we are able to recognize and appreciate our shared humanity. Sadly, we live in a time of increased anti-Asian racism and violence. For this reason, we’ve also included anti-racism resources in our list below. This Asian Heritage Month, let’s learn together and commit to fight against anti-Asian racism.

We invite you to take some time to explore some of these curated resources about Asian Canadian history and heritage:

Societies to Support:

Anti-Racism Resources:

Please note we are using the term Asian Canadian broadly, and it is impossible to capture all groups with this term. We are also aware the preceding list is far from exhaustive and welcome additional stories and resources from you. If you have suggestions, please reach out to us!

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