BCTLC welcomes new Executive Members

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The BC Teaching and Learning Council (BCTLC) provides leadership on issues, challenges, and direction to facilitate the enhancement of high-quality teaching and learning cultures across B.C. The new co-chairs, Theresa Southam, Selkirk College, Director, Teaching and Learning Centre, and Maureen Wideman, Director, Teaching and Learning at the University of the Fraser Valley, are no strangers to advancing educational capacity in a collaborative environment and have… Read more »

Bridging the gap with UVic’s Technology Integrated Learning Department

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Readers will remember that in April, BCcampus launched a series of posts to introduce some of the various excellent Teaching and Learning Centres in post-secondary institutions throughout the province. In the first post, we talked to Tim Paul from Douglas College. More recently we had the chance to catch up with Janni Aragon, Director of Technology Integrated Learning (TIL) at the University of Victoria. Post… Read more »

Finding the Key to Open

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Imagine planning your dream vacation. You’ve booked days off from work and found the perfect holiday house to rent. You endure a long flight to reach your destination only to discover that the landlord has forgotten to leave you keys. In fact, he never gives you the keys or answers your calls. Post by Lauri Aesoph, Manager, Open Education, BCcampus For the rest of the vacation,… Read more »

The BCcampus EdTech Demo series is back this fall

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As part of our mandate to help the B.C. post-secondary system make informed decisions about educational technologies, BCcampus coordinates virtual demonstrations of new and emerging educational technologies, both commercial and open source. Post by Clint Lalonde, Manager, Educational Technology and Development, BCcampus  While the primary audience is people working in the B.C. post-secondary system, these demos are free and open to anyone who would like to… Read more »

EdTech Demo: Waymaker from Lumen Learning

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This is an archive page for a session that happened on September 28, 2017 Description As students find their footing in college, the right intervention at the right moment can transform outcomes. In this session, Ross Strader, Director of Learning Engineering at Lumen Learning, guides attendees through a brief tour of Waymaker courseware content and personalized learning tools. He highlights how research-driven learning design augments… Read more »

Changes to the BCcampus website

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As mentioned in the welcome back post last week, we will be making a few changes to the BCcampus website, such as modifying the look and feel so that our users have the best experience navigating our site(s). Also included in this update, is a consolidation of our blogs which have just started to transform as of this September. Post by Erin Beattie, Digital Media Strategist,… Read more »

New projects, programs, and technologies – Here’s the latest from BCcampus

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Welcome back! We’re not sure if it’s just us, or did the summer feel like it flew by for you too? Well, in any event, it’s September which means that campuses throughout British Columbia are bursting with new and returning students, eager to start the term off strong. As always, we have lots of amazing events, workshops and demos planned to help bring you the… Read more »

Playing with the Possibilities: Liberating Structures Online

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On Monday August 28th, a few of us gathered, somewhat spontaneously, for a “play date” to experiment with using Liberating Structures (LS) online. We got the word out late, and like most of our face-to-face Vancouver meet ups, we didn’t know who was going to show up until things started. We just had to be ready to roll with it. It being a gorgeously warm… Read more »

Governance by enthusiasm

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The Facilitating Learning Online project is guided by a group called FLO Enthusiasts. This includes educators who have followed the path to becoming a FLO facilitator. We define ourselves as: A group that exists to guide FLO open educational resources through the process of widespread adoption while maintaining integrity of the program In June, 2017 this group gathered together to envision the next steps for FLO. The… Read more »

SoTL & Scholarly Teaching Resources

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A curated list of resources to support educators interested in doing (or starting!) scholarly teaching and learning work.  Resources Alkema, A. (2011). A Tertiary Practitioner’s Guide to Collecting Evidence of Learner Benefit. Retrieved from: https://akoaotearoa.ac.nz/download/ng/file/group-4/a-tertiary-practitioners-guide-to-collecting-evidence-of-learner-benefit.pdf Chick, N. (2015).  SoTL Guide: a two-part SoTL tutorial (I: Understanding SoTL, II: Doing SoTL) from the Taylor Institute. Retrieved from: http://sotl.ucalgaryblogs.ca/understanding-sotl/ Chick, N. (2016). A SoTL Primer. Retrieved from: https://nancychick.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/a-sotl-primer/ Center for Engaged Learning…. Read more »