NANSLO demonstrates online labs at North Island College gathering

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  Soon after Albert Balbon turned on the spectrometer, three images come up on the big screen at the front of the lecture hall: one is what the technician running the lab sees, one is what the instructor would see, and one replicates what the student would see. With the click of a mouse, the “student” moves the spectrometer, releases some gas, and the same… Read more »

Opening Education

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Proposed new copyright laws, confusion over what is allowed and isn’t allowed under fair dealing, Access Copyright’s attempt to increase tariffs, risk averse legal counsel advice, universities and colleges pulling out of Access Copyright. Has all this got your head spinning? In parallel to the changing regime of copyright new open licensing and sharing practices have emerged. As part of Open Access week BCcampus and… Read more »

Glitch with BCcampus web site and login server

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Word from our technical group as of 2 pm September 21, 2011 was as follows: Apparently our domain registration records were overwritten today (which is the 11th anniversary of our registration of Although this is auto-renewed, something happened which allowed our domain records to be changed to direct users to an autogenerated holding site not under our control. This will potentially affect any of… Read more »

This may be the year…

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This may be the year… The stars are aligning in interesting ways to start this academic year. It will certainly be a year of big challenges. And with those challenges will come the potential for breakthrough risk :: reward scenarios. One of the challenges alluded to by the tweet copied above will be how institutions and instructors manage access to published educational resources for their… Read more »

Staffing Changes at BCcampus

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Time for a brief update on some staffing changes happening at BCcampus this summer that took effect at the beginning of August and continue until March 31, 2012. Paul Stacey will be taking on additional external consulting duties on behalf of BCcampus, so we’ve had to devolve his responsibilities to others and restructure the management team somewhat. As a result, Sylvia Currie and Tori Klassen… Read more »

Network Outage August 27, 2011

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There will be a scheduled outage on Saturday, August 27, 2011 due to network maintenance. We will be shutting down all of our BCcampus applications and web sites at 7 AM. This includes: (this site) ApplyBC CoursesBC MyCreditsBC Collaborative Program web sites: ABT, NCIT and AECE Desire2Learn shared service Moodle shared service (see below) SOL*R (see below) Most should be up by 12 noon,… Read more »

Shared Services Update August 2011

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I wanted to take an opportunity during this ‘relatively’ quiet period to provide you an update on BCcampus shared services. It has been almost a year that I have been working with institutions on BCcampus shared service initiatives. In that time, the BCcampus team supporting shared service initiatives has worked to: continue to raise awareness of educational shared services as a means to meet enterprise… Read more »

Openness is an attitude

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The spring ETUG (Educational Technology Users’ Group) workshop, held recently in Nelson at Selkirk College, was in the words of one long-time attendee “probably the best ever.” This is by no means a comprehensive overview of the conference. More can be found at the ETUG web site, but I’ve tried to give a flavour with some of the highlights of the conference. First was the… Read more »

Time to change your URLS to ApplyBC

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On June 16th, 2011, the BC Post-secondary Application Service (PASBC) is being renamed ApplyBC. We’ve sent the following request to our contacts in all B.C. public post-secondary institutions: What needs to be done: We’re asking institutions to change their websites and associated documentation to refer to ApplyBC. Please forward this request to your web site administrators for implementation, as follows: Any existing PASBC links in… Read more »

Privacy Conference Follow-up

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Our Privacy Laws and Cloud-based Educational Technology Conference had three broad recommendations for BCcampus to follow up (as outlined in the final conference report). They were: 1) To work with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to develop a set of policy guidelines and resources for post-secondary educational institutions. Follow up: the OIPC is nearly finished a draft based on all the materials… Read more »