5 new textbooks in the BC Open Textbook Collection

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As of today, we now have 173 open textbooks in 8 main and 36 secondary subject areas in the BC Open Textbook Collection. New titles are being adapted and adopted often – here are the 5 latest open textbooks that we’ve added to the collection since the beginning of the year. Prealgebra: OpenStax Description: Prealgebra is designed to meet scope and sequence requirements for a one-semester… Read more »

The Adopting and Adapting OER Workshop Design Sprint

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On March 31 and April 1, 2016, the BCcampus Open Education team brought together two faculty members, two librarians, and two instructional designers from across the province to co-develop an Adoption Workshop toolkit. The Adoption Workship toolkit contains: A complete PPT slide deck (over 70 slides) that highlight the what, why and how of open education. The slide deck includes informative notes to provide context to… Read more »

Adopting Open Textbooks Online Workshop

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Note: This is not an active course. The course finished on February 6, 2015. The contents of the course and the archive of the weekly webinars will remain open and archived on P2Pu. To access the course, please visit adoptotb.com. What A FREE four-week long online workshop for anyone interested in open textbooks. This workshop includes BOTH asynchronous activities and synchronous webinars each week. This… Read more »

Licensing for Open Textbook Authors & Adapters

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If you are modifying or creating a textbook from scratch, please use Creative Commons licensed material. You can use copyright material in a textbook you modify or create, but you must first obtain written permission from the copyright holder to use the copyrighted material in the textbook. You must also clearly note in the textbook that the material used is copyright. The implication of using… Read more »

Find openly licensed content

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If you are modifying an open textbook, you may want to find additional resources to use in your textbook. Ideally, content licensed with a CC-BY license provides the most flexibility for reuse, so we recommend trying to find content for reuse with that specific CC-BY licenses. If you are planning to make modifications to the resource, you will want to avoid any CC material that… Read more »

Phase 2 Call for Proposals: Adapt a textbook

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We are pleased to announce the second phase of the B.C. Open Textbook Program – a call for proposals to adapt, localize or extend an existing open textbook. All materials relating to this Call for Proposals can be found on our main web site: a PDF of the Call (which is in two parts), the list of open textbooks, and a link to the application form…. Read more »

Open Textbook Formats Explained

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You will notice that open textbooks are available in a number of different technical formats, some of which may not be familiar to you. The reason for this is because research into student preferences around textbook formats shows that students want flexibility. You may have students who prefer physical textbooks, while others will want their textbook delivered to their favorite eReader software. Still others prefer… Read more »

6 Steps to modifying an Open Textbook

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Once you have made the decision to adopt an open textbook, you may wish to modify or adapt that textbook to fit your specific needs. How easy or difficult this will be depends on a number of factors, including; How much content do you wish to change? Do you want to remove chapters, or rewrite entire chapters of content? What technical format is the original… Read more »