Collaboration and Consultation

Discovering and implementing, iterating and evaluating. At BCcampus, we look for potential and possibilities in emerging technologies; facilitating innovative approaches that improve the learning experience for students and educators throughout the province and around the world.

Technology is an increasingly important role within today’s teaching and learning environment, but the speed of progress can introduce additional concerns that need to be weighed against the expected benefits. Our educational technology portfolio explores new developments in teaching and learning technology to better understand the benefits, issues, and challenges that technology brings to the teaching process. We evaluate available technologies to determine the impact they may have on student data privacy, learning and data analytics; the role of learning management systems, and course development tools and processes. We are finding answers and solutions to the common challenges facing the post-secondary institutions of B.C., so they can focus on providing a highly valuable learning experience to their students.

EdTech Demonstrations

As part of our commitment to teaching and learning, we offer virtual demonstrations of potentially valuable education technology applications to our partners in the B.C. post-secondary system. The applications may be commercial or open source, with a focus on improving the educational experience for learners and/or instructors.

Check out the upcoming EdTech demonstrations.

Previous EdTech Demos we’ve shared:

  • Hypothesis – Web Annotation in the Classroom and Beyond
  • Brightspace by D2L Learning Analytics – Advanced Learning Analytics for Higher Education
  • H5P – create, share, and reuse interactive HTML5 content in your browser
  • FieldPress – create and manage field trips online
  • Canvas – Adaptable. Reliable. Customizable learning management system (LMS)

EdTech Sandbox

In the spirit of facilitating innovation, we have developed a virtual sandbox where partners can test new applications, with a goal of creating a useful educational technology. We encourage our institutional partners to actively explore the possibilities within technology, and the EdTech sandbox is perfect place to play.

Protecting your privacy

The cloud. Informed consent. Data sovereignty. FIPPA. These are all real concerns for today’s educational institutions, and we are working with experts from our post-secondary educational institutions and other professionals to develop an effective solution that enables access to technological advances without compromising student information or institutional policy.


Discover the possibilities within educational technologies by: