BEtreat workshops: State of the art

October 7, 2014 – October 11, 2014 all-day

State of the art

October 7 – 10, 2014

  • Best practice: working together to review and apply established models, approaches and techniques to your challenges – from starting up, to cultivating, and to monitoring the value.
  • For people who want a systematic overview and firm grasp of current principles and practice applied to their context.

Cutting edge

October 14 – 17, 2014

  • Emerging issues: exploring emerging issues in social learning – as it applies to your case – exploring models and approaches we are still developing.
  • For people who are familiar with existing models and practice and want to develop more pioneering aspects of the field.
BEtreat workshops are designed for leaders in social learning, communities of practice and networks. Two workshops are planned, each 3 ½ days in length. The primary audience will be post secondary educational professionals. Participants bring their own projects and challenges to the workshop. For more information about BEtreat workshops visit
Venue: Grapeseed Guesthouse, Penticton, British Columbia


Beverly Wenger-Trayner is a learning consultant specializing in communities of practice and social learning systems. Her expertise encompasses both the design of learning architectures and the facilitation of processes, activities, and use of new technologies.

Etienne Wenger-Trayner is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of social learning and communities of practice. He has authored and co-authored seminal articles and books on the topic, including Situated Learning, where the term “community of practice” was coined.

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