TRU: Agents of Change: UN SDG Open Pedagogy Faculty Fellowship

TRU is part of an OE Global award-winning international fellowship program that pairs faculty from different institutions and disciplines to create open pedagogy–based assignments that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). The conceptual framework for this fellowship is based on the UN’s 17 SDGs that address a wide range of social issues — such as poverty, inequality, education, climate change, and peace and justice — which are designed to achieve and maintain social justice and a sustainable future. Participating in this fellowship will provide you with opportunities to connect with other faculty to explore and develop assessments that will help your students become agents of change and have an impact on their communities. This session will provide an overview of open pedagogy, the UN SDG Open Pedagogy Faculty Fellowship program, and examples of projects by past fellows. This session will be of interest to anyone interested in joining the project’s 2023 cycle.

Facilitated by: Michelle Harrison and Brenda Smith.

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