Complimentary childcare is available to attendees of most BCcampus events. Please note spaces are limited for each event.


BCcampus contracts West Childcare Connection to provide childcare services and makes no assessment as to the quality of services provided. West Childcare Connection is a professional, reputable, local nanny service and is fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

Nanny to Child Ratio

  • 1:1 1 nanny to 1 child under 18 months old
  • 1:3 1 nanny to 3 children 18 months – 4 yrs old
  • 1:5 1 nanny to 5 children 5 – 7 yrs old
  • 1:6 1 nanny to 6 children 8 – 11 yrs old
  • 1:7 1 nanny to 7 children 12 yrs old +

How to Register

When you register for the conference, you will have the option to select childcare. Once we have received your request, we will contact you for information on your child.


Please note that we hire nannies on a strict nanny:child ratio and that this is not a drop-in service. To avoid schedule disruptions and cancellation charges, we ask that you plan appropriately to avoid cancellations after we have secured nannies.


BCcampus holds its events in a variety of venues. As most of our events are held in post-secondary institutions, we do our best to source the best onsite space to accommodate childcare. We look for informal spaces that have sofas, sinks, natural light, private washrooms, etc. In some cases, this type of space may not be available. Detailed information on the childcare room will be provided on the website pertaining to each specific venue.

Media Release

BCcampus policy is to not take identifiable photos of children at our events. If you have declined the media release, please know that we take this very seriously and will identify your child for our photographers. Be aware that when your child is on the conference floor, it’s possible they may be captured in an attendee’s photo. While we convey the “no photos taken” message, we cannot guarantee this while children are in the conference and public areas.

Start Times/End Times

Please see specific event details for event times. Childcare will be offered between 8:30 and 4:30 (or at the event’s end time). Lunch hours may vary depending on event schedules.

Where to Drop

Communication will be emailed to all parents for the exact drop location prior to the event.

Sign in/Sign out

You MUST sign your child in and out each time you drop and take them from the room. For security reasons, children will not be released to anyone but you unless you have authorized this in advance. Alternates will need to show a picture ID to take your child.


Children are welcome to eat any of the food provided at breakfast, breaks, and lunches on the main event floor during your event. We have worked closely with catering to make these meals nutritious. We do ask that you pick up your child from the childcare room and bring them to the conference floor to eat lunch and return them to the childcare room when you are ready to do so. If your child has a specific diet, you are welcome to bring your own food to the room.

Lunch Closure

The childcare room closes for a half hour over the lunch period. This time will be posted on the website specific to your event.

Fun Stuff

We will provide games, art supplies, toys, and books. Please feel free to bring any favourite items but note we are not responsible for damages or loss.

Screen Time

If you will be bringing a device for your child, please indicate the allowed screen time and label the device with your name. Please note we are not responsible for damaged or lost devices.

After-Hours Care

For after-hours care, please make arrangements directly with the nannies.

Please email if you have any questions.