The Canada- British Columbia Early Learning and Child Care Agreement – 2021 to 2025 includes an investment to support the development of professional learning opportunities for early childhood professionals.

The role of BCcampus in this initiative, which is led by the Ministry of Education and Child Care, is to deliver a call for proposals process, including the evaluation of proposals and dispersal of funds to the successful proponents.

The need for quality, accessible, in-person and online offerings for early childhood professionals remains high. The focus of this call is to redesign existing professional learnings to allow greater access. This may include changing or adding a delivery mode or updating the instructional approach to improve access. One example is redesigning a face-to-face module to an online module. Other examples are below.

Current Delivery Mode/ApproachNew or Additional Delivery Mode/Approach
OnlineHybrid face-to-face and online
One large online moduleSeveral smaller online modules
One curriculumSolution that offers greater access to more people


To improve the accessibility of early childhood educator professional learning and to build learning repositories so high-quality professional learning is available to all early childhood professionals in multiple modes of delivery.


This is a general call to invite proposals to redesign existing learning that fulfills the purpose and meets the standards and criteria detailed below.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

BCcampus is committed to inclusion. From the workplace to our learning spaces, we value diversity and are actively working to decolonize our organization and the ways in which we collaborate with others. We believe that a more diverse team will help us better support the individuals and communities we work with. Please find the BCcampus definitions of equity, diversity, and inclusion on our website.

BCcampus is committed to anti-racism as a practice. We resolve to remove barriers to education and services for Indigenous and racialized people and communities and to do all we can to ensure that no one is further marginalized, nor have this experience exacerbated, through working with us. Read our anti-racism statement.


Deliverables will vary based on the proposed delivery method. For a full description of what is required for each delivery mode, please see the Deliverables document [Word document].

Proposed Timeline

Timeline for submission:

  1. Submit proposal by February 5, 2023.
  2. Grant will be awarded on February 13, 2023.

Timeline for work related to this call for proposals:

  1. Draft due by May 26, 2023.
  2. Submit the finished product by June 16, 2023.


We are offering six $50,000 service contracts for six separate redesign projects. The total amount of each service contract does not include GST. Payment will be tied to deliverables based on the service contract: 50 percent on signing, 30 percent at the mid-point, and 20 percent on completion.


The proposal should include the following:

  • Topic and delivery mode of existing learning
  • Delivery mode of the redesign
  • Details about how the redesign will improve access once complete

Please submit your proposal using this application [Word document] and email to Any questions about this call for proposals can be addressed to the same. Please describe other sources of provincial funding for course development and describe how you would use this funding differently.

Instead of submitting by using a document, you can submit your proposal by video or audio (with supporting materials). Creativity is welcomed. Every proposal, regardless of format, will be evaluated using the same criteria.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will guide the evaluation and selection of the successful proposal.


  • The proposal for redesign improves accessibility for early childhood educators in B.C.
  • Clear explanation of how this funding avoids duplication and/or complements other funding. 


  • Roles and relevant experience of principal and team members who will work on the project are clearly described.
  • Project steps and milestones are clearly articulated and can be reasonably met.
  • Proposal clearly states an understanding of the target learner, deliverables, and intention of the project.
  • If relevant, content is in alignment with the BC Early Learning Framework principles. ©  
  • Content demonstrates inclusion, accessibility, and diversity.
  • Universal Design for Learning principles are evident in the design.
  • Content meets interoperability and accessibility standards.

Budget (Template Provided)

  • The budget is reasonable given the work proposed.
  • The budget is easy to understand and clearly outlines the most significant line items required, along with a reasonable timeline for expenses.
  • The budget clearly shows when the project work and related expenses will occur.
  • Budget Template for CFPs [Excel Spreadsheet]