The BCcampus Research Fellows program provides support for B.C. post-secondary educators to conduct research on improving student learning and to share their results and experiences with peers in B.C. and beyond.

Project Lead/Fellow: Irina Tzoneva

Institution: Douglas College

Irina Tzoneva
Irina Tzoneva

Project Title: Exploring Academic Integrity: Generative AI Tools Used in Academic Writing Among University Students

Research Focus: The integration of generative AI in education offers substantial potential but raises ethical concerns. This study examines the ethical challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in academic writing by university students. It focuses on three key questions: (1) Can instructors distinguish between student-written and AI-assisted text? (2) What are instructors’ perspectives on AI use and academic integrity? (3) What challenges and opportunities do AI tools present for students?

By using mixed methods research design, the study employs both quantitative and qualitative analyses to gain valuable insights into critical aspects of academic writing, including writing quality, research depth, and academic integrity. It contributes to the academic discourse by addressing ethical concerns, examining instructor perspectives, and exploring AI’s impact on university students’ learning experience. 

Biography: Irina Tzoneva, PhD, is a faculty member in the Faculty of Applied Community Studies at Douglas College. Her expertise in educational psychology lies in the theoretical foundations, research methodologies, and analytical techniques crucial for studying educational phenomena.