Help make CoursesBC even better with our survey

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BCcampus wants to expand the scope and reach of its free course search service and it’s looking for your input. CoursesBC is a directory of online/distance courses offered by B.C.’s public post-secondary institutions. To improve and expand our service, BCcampus is surveying CoursesBC users. Currently, you can search for courses by sectors, institutions, and start dates. You’re able to learn which distance courses are equivalent… Read more »

Welcome to the wireless, connected school in a pencil box

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Did you know that there’s a system that makes it possible to take an online class, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere with no power or internet access? It’s called the Classroom-Without-Walls, and it’s tiny and inexpensive—small enough to fit in your backpack with a price tag of $120. The Commonwealth of Learning designed the CWW to help post-secondary students in developing countries—where access to… Read more »

UBC Conference Spurs Global Dialogue about Technology in Education

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Dr. Tom Sork, IPTEL conference organizer

Technology-enhanced learning is growing by leaps and bounds, reaching areas of the world where the opportunity for higher education (and education in general) used to be next to impossible. Today, single mothers in India have access to online training programs, while goat herders and farmers in remote regions of Africa can learn how to improve their livelihoods through technology-based open and distance education initiatives. Even… Read more »

5 Questions about the Commonwealth of Learning with Professor Asha S. Kanwar

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Professor Asha S. Kanwar

Vancouver-based Commonwealth of Learning (COL) – hosted by the federal government and supported by seven major donor governments, including Canada and most of the Commonwealth’s 54 member countries – is the world’s only intergovernmental organization solely dedicated to promoting and developing distance education and open learning. Professor Asha S. Kanwar, COL President and Chief Executive Officer, tells us how COL is helping to improve opportunities… Read more »

Ten Years of Online Education

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Book collage

A leading annual survey report in the U.S., “Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States” indicates some similarities between the U.S. and Canada in the landscape of higher education online. Some key report findings include: Over 6.7 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2011 term, an increase of 570,000 students over the previous year…. Read more »

Flexible Learning Revisited

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BCcampus’s leadership in distance learning and flexible trades training has attracted international attention. Yesterday, we had a visit at BCcampus from David Scannell, Curriculum Services Manager in the Learning Innovation and Development unit from Holmsglen in Australia. Holmsglen is a TAFE. In Australia, training and further education or TAFE (pronounced /ˈteɪf/) institutions provide a wide range of predominantly vocational tertiary education courses, mostly qualifying courses under theNational Training System/Australian Qualifications Framework / Australian Quality Training Framework…. Read more »