FIPPA consent forms: A pedagogical opportunity for one B.C. post-secondary educator

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Online privacy is an important issue for all Canadians, but it’s especially important to students. Post-secondary students are adults, however, it’s surprising how little thought goes into signing online privacy waivers. But students of all ages are affected: Grade-schoolers are not only learning the use of digital tools, but also face online privacy issues before they can understand their implications. Post by BCcampus’ editorial team… Read more »

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference highlights Next Generation Digital Learning Environments & Learning Analytics

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EDUCAUSE is one of the largest conferences in North America focusing on post-secondary Information Technology. The 2016 edition drew over 8000 participants from around the world, representing institutional I.T. departments, teaching & learning centres, educational technologists, and product & service companies supporting post-secondary IT. Post by Clint Lalonde, Manager, Educational Technology from the annual EDUCAUSE conference which took place October 25-28 in Anaheim, California. I went… Read more »

UBC’s Grüter-Andrew seeks a better email service for higher education

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UBC aerial view

Chief Information Officers like University of British Columbia’s Oliver Grüter-Andrew are working together to find an efficient email service that allows B.C.’s higher education system focus on their core mandate: delivering quality education. Higher ed CIOs have for decades faced the problem of email systems that take up increasing amounts of resources for little educational return. UBC is very much like other institutions; only a… Read more »

Emily Carr University and Mozilla create online privacy tool

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laptop with eyeball

With every click on the Internet, information is being collected about you without your consent or knowledge. However, Mozilla and faculty and students at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design have created a new browser add-on that allows you to see who is tracking you in real time. It’s called Lightbeam, and the information it reveals is quite disturbing. It charts every site… Read more »

5 questions with David Wrate on Open Data and Higher Education

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David Wrate is the director of Citizen Engagement for the government of British Columbia. He is speaking tomorrow (Feb 19, 2013) at the B.C. Open Data Summit in Vancouver. iDavid Wrate 1.    Tell us about the open government movement in B.C. and why open data matters? Open government has deep roots in B.C.; in 2009, Vancouver passed their motion endorsing the principles of open data…. Read more »

Privacy Conference Follow-up

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Our Privacy Laws and Cloud-based Educational Technology Conference had three broad recommendations for BCcampus to follow up (as outlined in the final conference report). They were: 1) To work with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to develop a set of policy guidelines and resources for post-secondary educational institutions. Follow up: the OIPC is nearly finished a draft based on all the materials… Read more »

Privacy Conference Final Report

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Approximately 100 participants from B.C.’s post-secondary institutions gathered at BCIT in downtown Vancouver Monday April 4 to learn about and discuss issues of Privacy and Cloud-based Educational Technology. Conference participants asked BCcampus to forward a summary of the discussions at this meeting to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, to assist in identifying mutual issues to form the basis of an ongoing dialogue…. Read more »

So we’ve published a privacy background paper: what can BCcampus do now?

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Last week we published a background paper on Privacy and Cloud-based Educational Technology (authored by me) which has already generated some interest among e-learning bloggers (Tony Bates and Clint Lalonde have made it the subject of posts on their respective blogs). I hope everyone attending the April 4 conference we are hosting on this topic (either in person or via web-cast) reads the paper beforehand…. Read more »

Some Notes from the Reboot Privacy Conference

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On Feb 17-18 I attended the Reboot Security & Privacy Conference in Victoria, BC on behalf of BCcampus. Security & Privacy is a hot issue these days; it’s in the news, and at BCcampus we’re particularly interested in the topic of US-based cloud computing and BC’s FIPPA and the Patriot Act, so much so that we’ve organized a meeting in April to help clarify the… Read more »

April 4-Save the Date-Privacy Conference

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Save this date to your calendar: April 4, 2011, BCIT Atrium, 8th Floor, 555 Seymour St., Vancouver Keynote speaker: Ms Elizabeth Denham, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Province of British Columbia. This conference is timely because the questions just keep coming: How much consent is enough? When students need to register with US-based open education tools to get access, can BC post-secondary institutions ask them to… Read more »