Working Together, Learning Together

Invitation: To educators and anyone doing the work of “pivoting online” who would like to drop in with questions, and/or to hear others’ challenges and solutions.

Who is hosting: BCcampus – a passionate group of instructional designers, learning technologists, administrators, and more!  

And why…We feel the enormous challenge you are facing today and in the weeks to come. We want to offer support, particularly to institutions and educators without access to a large teaching and learning support team.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Human Support/Communications
  • Exams Online
  • Experiential Learning Online

Expectation setting: We cannot offer or replace institution-specific supports, but we CAN talk through challenges like:

  • I have an in-class final exam worth 30% – what could I do instead?
  • My students are freaking out and I can’t keep up with the messages – what can I try?
  • I want to do a live online session but I’ve never done that before – what can I do?
  • I have this assignment…I’m not sure how to do it online – do you have ideas?

BCcampus Online Office Hours:

Starting at ground zero? 

Join us for the super-duper basics of online learning AKA no dumb questions session. This drop-in is for folx who are completely new to the online teaching world. There are no dumb questions. We will try and cover the basics of online learning while giving you the space to ask your questions. 

Learn more: