The University of Open

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Open source software, open access publishing, open government/data, open educational resources, and open pedagogies all share a common underlying philosophy. Paul Stacey explores their synergistic potential by strategically bringing them together to form a new alternative institution – the University of Open.

Predictions and hopes for elearning in 2011

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Our colleagues at the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) have just put up a new blog post that lists 22 predictions and 14 hopes for elearning in 2011. The predictions and hopes are based upon a challenge that was sent out through the WCET network earlier this week. To quote Russell Poulin, Deputy Director, Research and Analysis at WCET: “I thought it might be… Read more »

Tech Days of Christmas – Day 6

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My tech gadget for the holidays is my Harmony Remote Control These devices have been around for years to high end but were unaffordable to all but the high end marked. What is new this year the introduction of a new affordable series leading with the Logitech Harmony remote which was on sale for $29 the week before Christmas at Futureshop. If you have… Read more »

Tech Days of Christmas – Day 5

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My family uses the Xtreme Geek web site to shop online for not so much favourite tech gadgets as wacky geek humour stocking stuffer gifts. Even the categories are a bit tongue in cheek, for example they have a “Home and Man Cave” category. A couple of the items that made it onto the Staceys shopping list this year are: Superhero Adult Socks   Bendable… Read more »

Tech Days of Christmas – Day 4

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I have three: Two hi-tech, one lo-tech Lacie CooKey 32GB USB drive that I carry around my neck on a lanyard. I carries all my important professional documents including BCcampus files, presentations, research documents, and international development files, as well as a complete set of open source apps from in case I get stranded away from my own computer in some third world cafe…. Read more »

Tech Days of Christmas – Day 3

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Road Warriors Friend Maker – Multi-outlet power adapter Not very high tech, but one of my favourite essentials that never gets left behind on a trip is my 3 outlet power adapter. Whether at the airport, crowded conference or coffee shop, this little beauty is a great way to make friends by sharing scarce power outlets. Posted by Scott Leslie

Tech Days of Christmas – Day 2

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No question, the Apple iPad is the most significant tech. product of 2010 :)) Why is it my favourite? The user experience is the best of any computer/mobile-type device I’ve ever used, and it is so fast to respond to gestures; You can use it for so many different things that it does so well: read books & magazines, read/manage e-mail, browse the internet, watch… Read more »

Tech Days of Christmas – Day 1

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In the week leading up to Christmas, we thought we’d do something fun and a little more in keeping with the holidays. We’re bringing you the “Tech Days of Christmas” featuring some of our favourite tech toys and gadgets. They are either items we already have, or items on our wish list. With a staff chock full of tech-savvy software engineers and developers, you’re sure… Read more »

Videoconferencing resources in BC

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We got a question via Twitter last month – is there a list of BC post-secondary institutions that have videoconferencing capability? Unfortunately, none of us here know of such a directory. We would think most do, especially PSIs that offer distance learning. However we also know of at least one that doesn’t have videoconferencing capability. Having the equipment is one thing: how it gets used… Read more »

“Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you”

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The Transcript Exchange project went into production today, albeit as a pilot between Douglas, Kwantlen and SFU. The first transcript was successfully delivered from Douglas to Kwantlen and acknowledged back at noon over BCcampus’ secure and encrypted Enterprise Bus. There is something deeply satisfying when a concrete useful piece of information is transmitted for the first time. We might know all about electricity and bits… Read more »