Licensing for Open Textbook Authors & Adapters

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If you are modifying or creating a textbook from scratch, please use Creative Commons licensed material. You can use copyright material in a textbook you modify or create, but you must first obtain written permission from the copyright holder to use the copyrighted material in the textbook. You must also clearly note in the textbook that the material used is copyright. The implication of using… Read more »

Find openly licensed content

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If you are modifying an open textbook, you may want to find additional resources to use in your textbook. Ideally, content licensed with a CC-BY license provides the most flexibility for reuse, so we recommend trying to find content for reuse with that specific CC-BY licenses. If you are planning to make modifications to the resource, you will want to avoid any CC material that… Read more »

Community is the heart of the NWCC Library

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If you took a map of British Columbia and drew a circle around the land from Haida Gwaii to Houston, you’d see how widely spread the communities served by Northwest Community College (NWCC) are. While physical NWCC libraries can be found at the Prince Rupert, Terrace, and Smithers campuses, library services extend far and wide to learners and faculty at other northern communities. This extension… Read more »

Calling open textbook advocates: Danielle Paradis wants to speak with you

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We recently interviewed Danielle Paradis, a graduate student of Arts in Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University, who is studying educators’ and librarians’ experiences in implementing open textbooks. We asked her five questions about her research and why it’s important to the future of post-secondary education. 1.     Why did you choose to focus on open educational resources? Open textbooks are only a small part… Read more »

Successful Kaltura pilot project moves into production at UNBC and Douglas College

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FLickr mrsdkrebs illustration

The Kaltura pilot project has been successful enough that one partner institution is already in full production, and another is planning to move from pilot to production in this academic year. As we reported in September, University of British Columbia and BCcampus have teamed up with other institutions in a limited pilot project to test Kaltura, a video enterprise platform. This partnership includes shared licensing fees, shared… Read more »

Want to create an online course? eCampusAlberta’s eToolkit can help

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eCampusAlberta Quality eToolkit

Say you’re a post-secondary educator and you want to develop an online course. Where do you go for help? Well, eCampusAlberta has just the thing. Its Quality eToolkit is a free user-friendly online tool that includes all the resources you need to support the design, development, and assessment of your course. More than just best practices This eToolkit of essential quality standards outlines 27 requirements… Read more »

Looking for faculty to take part in open textbook research

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There was a report (PDF) released by the members of the Student Public Interest Research Groups (Student PIRGs, 2010), a network of campus-based advocacy groups which stated that textbook companies are taking advantage of a skewed market in which students are required to buy books assigned to them for university and college courses. Cost-saving measures can be a big motivation for students. However, educators too are showing an… Read more »

Sociology, Psychology & Database Design open textbook revisions scheduled

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The work on Phase 2 of the open textbook project is about to get underway. Three open textbooks have been selected to be revised and modified in this round, based on the applications received by BCcampus. The following textbooks are scheduled to be revised by May 30th, 2014. Introduction to Sociology will be revised based on the recommendations of the BC faculty reviews received in… Read more »

UBC’s Grüter-Andrew seeks a better email service for higher education

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UBC aerial view

Chief Information Officers like University of British Columbia’s Oliver Grüter-Andrew are working together to find an efficient email service that allows B.C.’s higher education system focus on their core mandate: delivering quality education. Higher ed CIOs have for decades faced the problem of email systems that take up increasing amounts of resources for little educational return. UBC is very much like other institutions; only a… Read more »

UBC creates local open online course (LOOC) on digital literacy

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Dr. David Vogt

The University of British Columbia is creating a LOOC to help its community members increase and promote their digital literacy skills. Dr. David Vogt Built on the same principles of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), a LOOC is for a local audience. In this case, it’s for anyone with a UBC login ID. Why digital literacy matters to UBC “If UBC’s courses are its… Read more »