Adobe Connect Case Study 3

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Adobe Connect User Case Studies – Monica Molag, Instructor & Department Chair Supporting the Nutrition and Food Service Management Program at Langara College Purpose The Nutrition and Food Service Management Program is delivered 100% online, with instructors telecommuting from various parts of the Lower Mainland Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This department uses AC for a variety of activities, including their regular departmental meetings, virtual office… Read more »

The Future of Open Educational Resources

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Sometimes its the things that aren’t there that make you see what’s missing and think more deeply. Along with Scott Leslie from BCcampus I presented at the recent Open Education Conference in Barcelona. Drawing on what I saw at the conference, and what I didn’t see, I’ve posted a critique of where I think the Open Educational Resources effort is currently at and suggestions for… Read more »

The pictures were hung by the photocopier with care …

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Friday afternoon was picture hanging time at BCcampus’ Victoria office. We’ve actually had bare walls in this office for years. It was time to do something about it, so in preparation for the holiday season and a BCcampus All-Staff day this week, we’ve been spiffing up. We didn’t have a big budget for artwork, but Tech Analyst Jam Hamidi had an idea – we have… Read more »

What’s new with BCcourses?

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The biggest change in 5 years to our online tool for looking up information about credit courses that can be taken at a distance from the public post-secondary institutions is seen in the new launch this week. The search is fast, with as-you-type match display, including the ability to search by course code as well as keywords. An entirely new search mode has been added:… Read more »

Electronic Standards in Higher Education

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I presented BCCampus’ work with B.C.’s Post Secondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) at the international PESC Annual Conference in Los Angeles this past September. This work includes a pilot project to exchange student transcripts electronically between participating B.C. institutions. The presentation was well received and I was asked to join the PESC Technical Advisory Board, which is responsible for updating and maintaining technical specifications, and… Read more »

Cloud computing, edutech and privacy concerns: update

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Our long-awaited and twice-postponed Privacy Conference looks like it may happen in spring 2011 after all. I’ve been supported by a working group made up of individuals from five institutions over the past few months, and have learned quite a bit about the landscape of privacy legislation, educational technology and “cloud computing” – and how they all relate. Over the past few weeks I’ve been… Read more »

Next Generation Learning Challenge

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The Gates Foundation in partership with Educause has launched a Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC) seeking to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in the United States through the use of information technology, especially for the benefit of low-income young adults. The program provides investment capital, builds evidence, and fosters an active community of innovators and adopters in pursuit of this goal. The program emphasizes… Read more »

Free and Learning in Barcelona

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The 7th Annual Open Education Conference took place in Barcelona at the beginning of November. BCcampus was represented by two people; Paul Stacey presented on different models of OER funding, and we’ll have a report on that next week. In the meantime, Client Services Manager Scott Leslie posted a very creative, innovative set of observations and impressions on his own blog. He was there as… Read more »

On the Open Education Frontier in Mongolia

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Mongolia is a place that conjures images of vast steppes, widely separated population centres, nomadic herders and climatic extremes. All real, but with a rapid development agenda ahead. I traveled to Mongolia in September 2010 as part of an external resource team and as a guest of the DREAM IT research project. DREAM IT is the local coordinating project for IDRC-funded research in Mongolia. The… Read more »

Why is getting data on BC’s online learning reality so hard?

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The release of this year’s online enrolment report by Sloan Consortium that describes the 21% increase in enrollments in US post-secondary online courses, always begs the question of how does this compare with data from Canada (and specifically, from British Columbia)? Recently, we have been working with the B.C. arts & sciences deans’ group to determine the amount of overlap of related distance/online course offerings… Read more »