Open Approaches to Knowledge Mobilization: Podcasting, Blogging, and Online Research Communities

Publicly funded scholarship should be shared openly: this is not only increasingly a requirement of our funding agencies, but an ethical imperative. Open access journals are fantastic, but they aren’t the only — or even the most equitable — players in this space. In this Microsoft Teams presentation, Brenna Clarke Gray shares the established world of scholarly blogging and the emergent field of peer-reviewed podcasting as alternative, chaotic, and joyfully open ways of thinking about sharing your work with the world. She offers as a case study the #EthicalEdTech research community, whose open work — like annotation events — blends research, practice, and activism.

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This event is part of Open Education Week (March 7 – 11, 2022)

An annual celebration, Open Education Week (OE Week) is an opportunity for actively sharing and learning about the latest achievements in Open Education worldwide.