Open but not Free: Invisible Labour in Open Scholarship

October 24, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

When we think about ‘open’ and labor, who do we imagine doing the work? What is the work we imagine being done? Who pays? Who benefits? (And how?)” – Audrey Watters

In recent years, the open scholarship movement has gained momentum by aiming to fundamentally transform how knowledge is created and shared. Making open access, open data, and open education the default in higher education promises to remove barriers to learning and make knowledge as broadly accessible as possible. In practice, though, the rise of open scholarship has resulted in new challenges for practitioners and stakeholders working within a system in transition.

To what extent do the adoption of open practices and policies in higher education currently rely on invisible labour? And what may be the impact on the sustainability of the movement? Who is able to participate? Who may be excluded? How can open practitioners and stakeholders work together to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are prioritized in the design of new and sustainable systems for scholarly research and teaching?

Please join SFU, BCIT, KPU, Langara, UFV and UBC and the BC Open Education Librarians (BCOEL) group for this Open Access Week panel event on the topic of invisible labour in open scholarship.

Event schedule:

5pm-6pm: Reception with light refreshments served
6pm-8pm: Panel discussion and questions

Featured speakers include:

  • Melissa Ashman (KPU)
  • Sanjaya Mishra (Commonwealth of Learning)
  • Bruce Muir (Nun wa dee Stewardship Society)
  • Carol Munoz Nieves (SFU)
  • Juliet O’Brien (UBC)
  • Bronwyn Sprout – facilitator (UBC)