Professional Cook Gap Training Program: Status Report

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A look at the progress and successes of the BCcampus Professional Cook Gap Training project; a collaborative endeavour that began as a proof of concept, developed into a pilot project, and quickly became a fully operational gap-training program. The resulting central learning resource is available not only to certification challengers, but to the broader Professional Cook community, including instructors, employers, and apprentices. In 2013, BCcampus… Read more »

BCcampus white paper explores disruptive innovation within trades training in B.C.

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A new white paper authored by BCcampus examines the advantages and challenges within Competency-Based Education as it applies to trades training BCcampus’ Michelle Glubke, Manager, Collaborative Services, and Lawrence Parisotto, Director, Collaborative Programs and Services have recently released a comprehensive white paper to bring attention to the opportunities within flexible learning models for trades training in B.C. The research explores the use of Competency-Based Education… Read more »

The need for tools in Competency-Based Education

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Implementing, delivering, and assessing Competency-Based Education programs requires new processes and technology tools to be effective and accepted. This is the second in a three-part series that looks at how new developments in competency-based education (CBE) are being explored by BCcampus. The initial article considered competency-based education as a delivery model and the BCcampus ‘Competency to Credential’ approach, and the third will provide an update… Read more »

Competency-based education: Training for the gap

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Part one of a three-part series looking at the competency-based education delivery model, Competency to Credential, developed by BCcampus. As part of its ongoing scan of higher education teaching and learning approaches, BCcampus has monitored the recent interest and developments in competency-based education (CBE) and developed a flexible, systemic approach for delivery of CBE utilizing educational technology called ‘Competency to Credential’. Competency to Credential (CTC)… Read more »