Faculty advocates helping to spread the OER movement across B.C.

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The B.C. Open Textbook team is excited to announce three instructors who have joined BCcampus to fulfill a one-year term as our Faculty Fellows. Our 2016/17 Faculty Fellows: Jennifer Kirkey, Douglas College, Rod Lidstone, Camosun College and Arthur Gill Green, Okanagan College will work together to encourage greater educational and institutional uptake of open textbooks and the use of open educational resources in the B.C…. Read more »

An openness to openness – morning keynote

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Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, an Open Textbook Faculty Fellow, “took the red pill” and join date open education movement as a result of David Wiley’s talk (along with Kim Thanos) at the first Open Textbook Summit two years ago. (Here’s a video of his talk to the OER forum 2012.) In acknowledging people like Jesse Key, Christine Hendricks (both faculty fellows), and numerous other colleagues –… Read more »

Improving adoption of open textbooks through faculty advocates

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Three instructors from each of three B.C. Institutions have joined the BCcampus Open Textbook team as “Faculty Fellows” in order to encourage more instructor and faculty uptake of the open textbooks in our collection. Dr. Jessie Key, a chemistry professor at Vancouver Island University, Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, a psychology instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and Dr. Christina Hendricks, a senior instructor of philosophy at University… Read more »